Single stainless steel tube cable
OPGW Stranded
1 core the metal FTTxdrop cable
1 core metal FTTx Drop cable

OPLC Cable

OPLC fiber composite cable ,

OPLC Photoelectric Composite Cable

OPLC : Optical Fiber Composite Low-voltage Cable OPLC Fiber Optic Cable
Product Description :

Set fiber and power transmission and distribution cable at a suit, avoid secondary wiring, which can effectively reduce the construction, network construction and other fees.The light unit and power cable long-term working temperature compatible.
Sheath of the mechanical and physical properties to meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

1) Single Loose tube, filling jelly, non-metallic center strength member, water blocking tape, PE sheath

2) Compact structure, light weight, steel tape armored excellent crush resisitant performance

3)  Excellent water proof layer, good moisture resistance

4)  Suitable for aerial and duct

5)  Apply toLong distance communication system, Local aera network system and Subscriber network system;

Product use :

1 Used for outdoor distribution box to the building’s pipeline. Overhead
2 Used in optical communication equipment room, light distribution frame light connection and optical
3 instruments, equipment connect to the light.
4 Used for tail fiber and jump in line.
5 Used for buildings surrounding into cable.

Product standard :

1 Sheath cable conform to UL OFNR, OFNP requirements.
2 Meet YD/T 1258.4-2005


Adopted to Outdoor  distribution.

Suitable for aerial .pipeline laying method.

Long distance and local area network communication.


Technical Parameters:

Total number
of fiber cores
Outer diameter


Cable Maxunit weight
Allowable pull force (N)Allowable crush
strength (N/100mm)
Min bending
radius (mm)
mmkg/kmshort-termlong-termshort-termlong termshort-termlong-term


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