ADSS , All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable
ADSS , All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable
Single stainless steel tube cable
OPGW Stranded

OPGW , Optical Power line Ground Wire



OPGW (Optical Power line Ground Wire)

Main Characteristic of QIANWEI OPGW Cable :

  1. The QIANWEI OPGW, with the optical fibres incorporated in a stainless steel tube, has mechanical and electrical properties close to the ground wire that is to be replaced. Not only for ground wires with small or medium-sized cross-sections, such as GJ-50 and GJ-70 for 110 and 220 KV lines, appropriate OPGW products are available, also for ground wires with large cross-sections as e.g. LGJ-400/32 for 500 kV systems. QIANWEI has extensive experience with OPGW design and installation supervision.
  2. The stainless steel tube that houses the fibre has a high tensile strength and a high crush resistance in order to provide an effective. The fibre is mechanically decoupled from other component parts of the cable structure in all expected conditions of use. This ensures successful operation during the life time of the cable.
  3. QIANWEI strives for compact and lightweight OPGW designs in order to reduce influences of wind and ice, and to minimize toll on the towers of the power line grid.
  4. By protecting the opticing fibre using a gel filled stainless steel tube which has a high radial thermal resistance, OPGW temperatures up to 400°C can be allowed in a single phase short-circuit situation.
  5. QIANWEI realizes high strength / small diameter OPGW designs by selecting the right type and size for the aluminium cladded steel wires in the center of the structure.
  6. QIANWEI strives for designs with properties that maximally approach those of conventional earth wires in order to meet short- circuit requirements and to ensure secure operation op the power line circuit.
  7. QIANWEI OPGW designs are in accordance with IEEE1138, IEC1396, DL/T832-2003 and related standards.
  8. To ensure reliable telecommunication and secure electrical power transport, many factors should be taken into account for the design of an OPGW. Most important in this are tensile strength and short circuit capability. QIANWEI offers excellent OPGW constructions that can be tailored to your specific requirements.







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