Figure8 outdoor network cable
Figure 8 outdoor network cables
6 cores oplc
6 CORES Outdoor fiber composite cable

4 CORES Outdoor fiber composite cable

4 cores oplc

4 cores oplc

Hybrid feeder cabling solution was developed to reduce installation complexity and costs at cellular sites,allows mobile operatiors deploying an RRH architecture to standardize the RRH installation process and eliminate the need and cost of cable grounding.

Hybrid cable combines optical fiber (multimode or single mode ) and copper conductor for DC power in a single light weight aluminium corrugated cable


OPLC Fiber Optic Cable Feature Description:

Good mechanical and temperature performance

Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber

High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

Special sheath material ensures excellent flame –retardant performance

PSP enhancing moisture-proof

Small diameter,light weight and friendly installation

Long delivery length


OPLC Fiber Optic Cable Application:

Adopted to Outdoor distribution.

Suitable for aerial duct and buried method

Long distance and local area network communication

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