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Stainless Steel Loose Tube Type Opgw Ground Cable for Transmission line

1. Optical : Single mode optical fiber(SMF), multi mode optical fiber(MMF), Non-zero dispersion shifted optical fiber(NZ-DSF) 2. Color binder : Polyester yarns 3. Filling compound : Jelly compound 4. Stainless steel tube : Stainless steel loose tube 5. AS wire or Al alloy : Aluminum clad steel wire or Al alloy wire Cable Specification Classification Unit 24C 36C 48C Sectional area m㎡ (in²) 58 (0.089) 68 (0.105) 75 (0.116) Construction No./mm (in) 1/3.5 (1/0.138) SSLT+6/3.5 (6/0.138) AS 1/3.8 (1/0.150) SSLT+6/3.8 (6/0.150) AS 1/4.0 (1/0.157) SSLT+6/4.0 (6/0.157) AS Outer diameter mm (in) 10.5 (0.41) 11.4 (0.45) 12.0 (0.47) Unit weight kg/km (lb/1000ft) […]
ADSS , All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable

ADSS , All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable

ADSS ( All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable ) ADSS(AII Dielectric Self-Supporting) cables offer lower cost installation when compared to direct burial or duct installation of cables. QIANWEI ADSS cables are tailored to customer requirements. Proprietary software enables cable designs optimised to specific installation and environmental conditions. Careful selection of suitable installation accessories ensures many years of reliable operation. On request QIANWEI advises on installation design, using her proprietary software to minimize voltages the power line circuit induces in the ADSS cable that can cause electro-corrosion and subsequent damages.   ADSS cable properties 1.     The simple installation on existing facilities allows this […]

OPGW , Optical Power line Ground Wire

OPGW (Optical Power line Ground Wire) Main Characteristic of QIANWEI OPGW Cable : The QIANWEI OPGW, with the optical fibres incorporated in a stainless steel tube, has mechanical and electrical properties close to the ground wire that is to be replaced. Not only for ground wires with small or medium-sized cross-sections, such as GJ-50 and GJ-70 for 110 and 220 KV lines, appropriate OPGW products are available, also for ground wires with large cross-sections as e.g. LGJ-400/32 for 500 kV systems. QIANWEI has extensive experience with OPGW design and installation supervision. The stainless steel tube that houses the fibre has a high tensile strength and […]
Single stainless steel tube cable

OPGW Stranded

Single stainless steel tube-23% IACS   Stainless steel tube diameter mm 2.4 2.6 2.8 3.0 3.2 3.4 3.6 Max. fibre count 18f 24f 24f 32f 36f 48f 48f Central ACS diameter mm ACS23-2.5 ACS23-2.7 ACS23 – 2.9 ACS23-3.2 ACS23-3.4 ACS23-3.6 ACS23-3.8 Inner layer ACS weight pcs 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 diameter mm ACS23-2.5 ACS23-2.6 ACS23 – 2.8 ACS23-3.0 ACS23-3.2 ACS23-3.4 ACS23-3.6 Outer layer ACS weight pcs 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 diameter mm ACS27 – 2.5 ACS27 – 2.6 ACS27-2.8 ACS27-3.0 ACS27-3.2 ACS27-3.4 ACS27-3.6 Outer diameter mm 12.5 13.1 14.1 15.2 16.2 17.2 18.2 Mass […]
OPLC fiber composite cable ,

OPLC Cable

OPLC : Optical Fiber Composite Low-voltage Cable OPLC Fiber Optic Cable Product Description : Set fiber and power transmission and distribution cable at a suit, avoid secondary wiring, which can effectively reduce the construction, network construction and other fees.The light unit and power cable long-term working temperature compatible. Sheath of the mechanical and physical properties to meet the requirements of the relevant standards. 1) Single Loose tube, filling jelly, non-metallic center strength member, water blocking tape, PE sheath 2) Compact structure, light weight, steel tape armored excellent crush resisitant performance 3)  Excellent water proof layer, good moisture resistance 4)  Suitable for aerial and duct 5)  Apply toLong distance communication system, Local aera network system and Subscriber network system; Product use : 1 Used for outdoor distribution box to the building’s pipeline. Overhead 2 Used in optical communication equipment room, light distribution frame light connection and optical 3 instruments, equipment connect […]
4 cores oplc

4 CORES Outdoor fiber composite cable

Hybrid feeder cabling solution was developed to reduce installation complexity and costs at cellular sites,allows mobile operatiors deploying an RRH architecture to standardize the RRH installation process and eliminate the need and cost of cable grounding. Hybrid cable combines optical fiber (multimode or single mode ) and copper conductor for DC power in a single light weight aluminium corrugated cable   OPLC Fiber Optic Cable Feature Description: Good mechanical and temperature performance Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant Special sheath material ensures excellent flame –retardant performance PSP enhancing […]