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CA Transbay Cable Project

The ultimate purpose was to connect these two cities in order to provide a reliable power supply for the City of San Francisco. .

After completing this in the San Francisco Bay, operations moved up the Sacramento River to Benicia, where 22 miles of cable was transferred to a separate barge, which laid cable in the shallow water between Benicia and Pittsburgh.

The original cable-laying ship finished the journey by laying cable between Benicia and San Francisco..

  • Contract Amount: $1,505,000.
  • Location: San Francisco Bay, CA.
  • Project Duration: 04/2009-01/2010.

Australia fibre optic cable project

Australia’s first subsea fibre optic cable project completed..

Installed on the seabed between Darwin and Port Hedland, the 2100 kilometre North West Cable System (NWCS) provides offshore oil and gas facilities in the Browse, Bonaparte and Carnarvon Basins with access to high-speed data and voice communication services for the life of their operations.

  • Contract Amount: $19,505,000.
  • Location: Australia.
  • Project Duration: 03/2013 -09 /2016.

Projects in Northern Europe

This major contract covers the supply of around 1,050 km..

This major contract covers the supply of around 1,050 km of HONGCHUANG URC-1 unrepeatered fibre optic cable – since this type of cable typically comprises between 24 to 48 individual fibres that is enough optical fibres when laid end to end to span the globe.

  • Contract Amount: $8,505,000.
  • Location: Northern Europe.
  • Project Duration: 07/2012-01 /2014.