Simplex Cable
Simplex Cable
MDIC Cable , Micro Drop Installation Cable
MDIC Cable , Micro Drop Installation Cable

Zipcord Cable

Zipcord Cable

Zipcord Cable

Zipcord Cable

The Zipcord interconnect cable uses Φ600 um or Φ900 um tight buffered fibre as optical communication medium, the tight buffered fibre, wrapped with a layer of aramid yarn as strength member are completed with a figure 8 outer sheath.

Installation method: Indoor, Inside tube, Equipment Interior

1. Two buffers are distinguished by the color; the chromatogram is decided by the customer
2. Excellent flexibility and facilitate to link
3. Excellent mechanical performance
4. Excellent temperature performance
5. Excellent flame-retardant performance and free to choose different flame-retardant grades sheath
6. Limited shrinkage
7. Different fiber types available
8. Figure 8 sheath is easy for stripping
9. Special dimension available on request

Applications: For direct connector assembly
Standards: YD/T 1285.3 and IEC 60794-2-50


Temperature Range
TransportationInstallationIn use


Size(WxH)MassMin.bend radiusMax.tensile loadCrush resistance
SpecFibresDynamicStaticShort termShortterm
Zip 1.61.6×3.424.53230150500
Zip 2.02.0 x 4.227.54030200500
Zip 2.82.8 x 5.8213.05630240500

Remark: The above parameters are based on the LSZH buffer and sheath, just for reference.

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