MDIC Cable , Micro Drop Installation Cable
MDIC Cable , Micro Drop Installation Cable
CTC ( non-metallic Central Tube Cable )
CTC, non-metallic Central Tube Cable

FTTX Drop cable

FTTX Drop cable

FTTX Drop cable

Drop Cable
Drop cable is designed for last-one mile in the FTTx network, enhancing the accessibility to the fiber and maximizes the
installation workability.

Features and Benefits
Time proven technologies with long supplied record
Easy jacket removal without special tools
Self support structure
Compact cable size
Available with flame retardant jacket
Available from 1 to 8 fiber counts



Cable typeDrop cable
Fiber count1 23 4
Cable dimension(W x Hmm)2×52×6
Supporting wire(mm)Φ1.0
StrengthMetallicSteel wire:Φ0.4
member(mm)Non-metallicFRP: Φ0.5
Maximum pulling tension(N)690
Minimum bendingWith supporting wire240
Without MetallicDynamic:30 Static: 15 Dynamic:50

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