About us

HongChuang products: indoor, outdoor ( self-supporting ) butterfly drop cable ( drop cable ) GJXH, GJXFH, GJXV, GJYXCH, GJYXFCH 1-4 cores (G.657), GYXTW (4-12) outdoor cable, GYTA, GYTS4-144 core stranded cable, buried fiber optic cable, coaxial cable, and each model , SYV75-3, SYV75-5 monitor video cable, RVV security power lines, RVVP shielded cables, control cables, monitor cables, SYWV closed-circuit cable, waterproof cables, communication cables , such as LSZH insulated non-sheathed cables for fixed wiring and PVC sheathed cables for fixed wiring insulation and a variety of flexible cables ( wires ) , dozens of varieties, hundreds of Specifications , products used in security monitoring , cable , network engineering , cabling engineering and other fields .

Production workshop

Hebei Hong Chuang Optical Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiber optic lines and weak cable business, the company is located in Hejian sand depression industrial area, 180 km from Beijing , Shijiazhuang, 170 kilometers , Baoding 90 km wide high-speed , high-speed Shi Huang , Paul Tsang and other ways to speed here . Location, traffic, the environment pleasant. .

Office building

Advanced production equipment , sophisticated detection equipment , strong technical force , the products strictly in accordance with national standards of production and testing, the company has passed ISO9001 management system certification , fiber products have been certified by Ministry of Information Industry of Tyre , cable products have passed the national compulsory "3C" certification, product quality can be effectively guaranteed. .


Development Target:

Branding in optical communication industry.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission: Creat value to customers.Abundant experience and ideal solutions. .

Business Philosophy:

Customer oriented, Quality cored, Excellent service ensured.

Hongchuang is active in the development, design, manufacturing, supply and installation of cable solutions.Strongly positioned in high-tech markets, we have the wide range of products, services, technologies and know-how in the telecom market- providing all types of optical fibre cables and accessories for the telecoms - voice, video and data transmission - industry. .

HONGCHUANG promise a wider reach, range, and services to meet changing customer needs efficaciously. Our mission is to provide total network connectivity solutions from end to end- from the server to the user's workstation or within any premise and campus environment from the home, office, data centre, and factory floor.



Hongchuang exports to a host of diversified destinations in USA, South America, Europe, CIS, Africa, and Middle East & Asia. .

years of experience

Hebei Hongchuang Fiber Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 . .